Benedict Cumberbatch’s new VR solution, Zenith American Solutions

  • October 26, 2021

The director of the upcoming Sherlock reboot has unveiled his new VR headset.

The Zenith Americans solutions is an augmented reality headset that uses the Oculus Rift’s positional tracking technology to project the user’s body around a room.

The company is looking for experienced developers and architects to help them build a VR prototype.

It’s designed to offer immersive experiences for both VR and AR developers and designers, including a virtual reality playground for beginners and a game-like VR experience for those who want more advanced controls.

“We are incredibly excited to have Benedict Cumberbrough on board,” said Paul Tovar, Zeniths Chief Creative Officer, in a statement.

“He’s a visionary who understands VR and augmented reality, and we believe this will be a game changer for both industries.”

The Zeniths headset is being produced by Zenith America, a company that focuses on bringing AR and VR experiences to consumers, Tovary said.

It’ll be the first VR headset from Zenith to use the Oculus rift, which was released in October.

“The Zenisys is a fantastic opportunity for our team to work together with Benedict and create a world-class VR headset for the masses,” Tovarias Chief Executive Officer, Adam R. Fettig, said in a release.

“This is a massive leap forward for VR and a true game changers’ platform.

We’re excited to be working with Benedict to make this possible.”

Cumberbatch is the first British actor to be involved in a VR project, and he joins a growing list of British actors and directors working with virtual reality technology.

He has worked with Warner Bros. on a virtual experience called VR: The Journey, which includes his voice in the story.

Benedict Cumberberes voice is played by Peter Stormare in the VR experience, while director James Bond star Daniel Craig was recently hired as a VR consultant for the film Spectre.

Cumberbrough has also worked with Sony in the past.

He was the lead actor in the 2014 feature film A Quiet Place.

His latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, premiered last month.

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