Why are you using solute and solvents to treat burns?

  • July 28, 2021

A medical team has discovered that using solvent solutions to treat severe burns is more effective than traditional burn treatment, a breakthrough that could one day help doctors safely remove and replace lost skin and hair.

The team of scientists from University of Oxford, University of Manchester, University Hospital, Manchester Metropolitan University, and The University of Nottingham, published their findings in the journal Clinical Investigation.

Their research, which is the first to describe the effect of solvants on the growth of bacteria, also shows that they can work better than conventional treatments when used in combination.

In their study, the researchers used two different types of solvent in a lab.

One was a mixture of alcohol and sesame oil, which was injected into the wound to dissolve it, then the other was a solution containing a mix of alcohol, sodium hydroxide, and chlorine dioxide.

When the two solutions were injected into skin wounds, the team observed a dramatic increase in growth of healthy cells within about 10 minutes of treatment.

“We believe this was due to the alcohol and the solvant, which were both able to kill the bacterial cells and cause them to self-destruct,” said lead author Professor Peter Hines, of the School of Engineering at the University of Exeter.

The findings suggest that solvates could be used to treat burn wounds at an earlier stage in the treatment process, so the bacteria will have time to develop a resistance to the drugs.

This means they can be used in a shorter period of time, and that they could be administered as a single injection rather than being given over a longer period.

The findings could also help doctors to safely remove the damaged skin from burns, as they can allow the skin to heal in an attempt to keep the infection from growing and spreading.

A similar study last year also found that the combination of alcohol with sodium hydroxychloride was able to treat the skin of the injured patient.

While these studies suggest that sigma-1 antagonists could be an effective treatment for burns, it is not clear if the drug is safe for use in humans.

For now, the University is looking to other pharmaceutical companies to produce similar drugs.

Professor Hines said the results also showed that they are able to safely treat the wounds with the two different solvients, as opposed to just one.

“This is the proof that this is a very safe drug for treating burns and that we can safely use solvatives to treat these types of wounds,” he said.

There is currently no treatment for skin cancer, but there is a growing body of evidence that shows that cancerous cells can be removed with a topical application of drugs that kill them.

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