Why you should be scared of your own phone, according to experts

  • August 18, 2021

A lot of people are terrified of their own phones.

A new study from Google has found that they’re actually the ones that have the most anxiety about them.

The researchers found that people are actually more likely to feel anxious when they’re using their phones in the first place.

Google’s findings are based on a survey that surveyed 1,400 adults, and the study found that only 17% of respondents had no fear of their phones.

That number jumped to 26% if the respondents said they were terrified of them.

While the percentage of people who say they have no fear about their phones is lower than the general population, it is still high.

This means that, while it is easier to control a smartphone than a laptop or a TV, you are still more likely than someone who is not afraid to use their smartphone.

It may be a little scary for people to think that their phone is a real thing, but it is actually a tool to help them with everyday tasks, such as emailing or browsing.

Google says that people’s phones have become the main tool in their daily lives, but we’re still learning how to use them and using them correctly.

“There’s no denying that people use phones to do things, and we’ve always known that, but until now, we didn’t have an understanding of how to get rid of those things,” said Brian McClure, a co-author of the study.

“This study gives us a clearer understanding of what is really going on, and it will help us to understand the way we use our phones to keep track of things, track our health and even get things done.”

Google says this research helps us understand how we use phones in a more systematic way, by showing us the kinds of things we’re doing with our phones.

People were also asked to rate how much anxiety they had about their phone in terms of what they were doing, what apps were on their phones, and how often they were using them.

Google found that those who were anxious were also more likely, on average, to think about their devices at least once a day.

People also asked if they would use their phone to keep up with their work or to manage their stress levels.

Google also asked about the effects of anxiety on people’s mental health.

People who are more anxious were more likely – on average – to say that they have a higher risk of developing depression, and were more concerned about the impact of their anxiety on their relationships.

Google also found that a greater percentage of the people who were more anxious reported that they were more interested in other people’s opinions and their own mental health than their own.

The study is based on Google’s survey and data from more than 400 people.

The full report is available online.

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