How to fix a security vulnerability in your business solution?

  • August 10, 2021

An attack on your business is like an earthquake that can shake the foundations of your organization, according to one expert. 

According to Dr. David A. Gee, a cybersecurity researcher at the University of California, Irvine, an attack on a system that involves data that is stored on a remote server can be used to compromise it. 

Gee said this could happen when a remote attacker steals credentials that have been stored on the system, and then runs malicious code on the server to change the password. 

The attacker could then take control of the system and steal credentials or other data. 

This vulnerability can be mitigated by using two-factor authentication, but Gee said you should always be careful with two-step verification. 

“If your server is compromised, the only way to protect yourself is to not trust your computer’s credentials, but to verify the identity of the user you’re logging into,” he said. 

In this scenario, you would verify that the attacker you’re connecting to is you. 

You would then verify that you have a password to log in with, as well as that you are in control of your credentials. 

Once you have these two pieces of information, Gee added, you can use two-steps verification to authenticate the user. 

There are two ways to accomplish this, and both work by using an external tool. 

One is to use an external password manager, which is a secure tool that can store your password and then verify it against other records. 

Another is to run an attack kit, which can analyze your credentials and create a list of credentials that are used for logging in and out of the site. 

It’s important to be careful about which option you use. 

If you’re trying to do a one-time attack on the site, you should be using an attack tool, not an external one, GEE said.

Gee also said you need to be aware that it’s very easy to fall for phishing scams. 

People can take advantage of this when someone asks for your login information, which could lead them to an attack, he said, because it may be a fake login. 

But it’s important not to fall into this trap. 

An attacker who has access to your credentials can potentially be able to get access to any other sites you’ve set up for your customers. 

To prevent this, it’s best to use two step verification to verify credentials on the login page. 

After logging in, Gees recommended using two factor authentication when you log into any of your sites. 

 “The more secure you use it, the less likely you’re going to get an attacker in your account,” he added. 

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