How the opioid crisis is killing millions of Americans

  • August 10, 2021

The opioid crisis has killed more than 15 million Americans and devastated communities across the country, according to a new report by the National Association of State Budget Officers.

The report, released Tuesday, is the latest to detail the devastating effects of the crisis on communities across America.

Its authors, the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) National Center for Health Statistics, found that the opioid epidemic has led to the deaths of 2.7 million people and the economic loss of nearly $2.7 trillion.

The report also noted that the deaths and economic losses are projected to continue for decades.

This report shows the devastating impact of the opioid and heroin epidemic on communities and the lives of people.

It is also an indictment of President Trump’s inability to do anything about it.

He has been unable to stop the opioid industry, which is a major contributor to the opioid deaths and the opioid economic losses.

He can’t prevent the spread of fentanyl, which has killed thousands of Americans and caused tens of thousands more to overdose.

This is a crisis that has left so many communities devastated.

This opioid epidemic will not be over in a day.

We are just starting to see the full impact.

The president can’t fix this.

We are seeing that it’s not just communities that are affected by this crisis.

This report shows that the federal government is responsible for almost $2 trillion in the federal budget, and the entire health care system is at risk.

The opioid addiction crisis has made the health care costs of many Americans higher than ever.

This epidemic has left tens of millions of people unable to obtain basic needs, like food and shelter, and is costing American taxpayers $2,400 per person per day in direct costs.

This represents an annual cost of $3.2 trillion.

As this epidemic is spiraling out of control, we cannot ignore the fact that we are facing an unprecedented crisis in health care, and we cannot tolerate the growing epidemic in the public sector.

The President cannot continue to make excuses for this crisis, and it is imperative that we put our health care dollars into addressing this epidemic.

Our health care systems are failing.

They have been operating at unsustainable levels for years.

The problem is not going away, it is growing exponentially.

We must address the underlying causes of this crisis in order to keep our health system functioning effectively and to provide Americans with the health services they deserve.

We cannot continue down this path.

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